About Jay Kerr

Personal Bio

Born in Toronto, Jay currently divides his time between the city and northern Ontario. When he’s not capturing landscape photos he manages JAK Media, his web design company.

Creative arts have always played an important role in Jay’s life from writing music at an early age, to editing videos, to designing websites. His photography combines his love of nature and creating art.

A trip to Paris in 2005 was a turning point. Unhappy with the film photos he took, Jay switched to a digital SLR. He took a camera course at Henry’s School of Imaging to hone his skills.

Eager to improve, he devoured photography magazines like Outdoor Photography and Practical Photography. He’s read dozens of books from photography experts to learn more about composition and light. Online video tutorials have also been invaluable in learning his craft.

In 2018, Jay and his wife Lissa purchased a modern prefab cabin on the shores of Lake Superior. It’s proven to be the perfect base camp for exploring the areas around the lake in every season.

Over the years, Jay has developed a portfolio of work that focuses primarily on the North American landscapes. He is represented by various stock photography agencies. Fine art prints are available for purchase on this site.

Artist Statement

I am passionate about landscape photography and drawn to the beauty of the natural world.

Through my lens, I strive to capture not just the grandeur of landscapes but the fleeting moments of light and shadow that give each scene its unique character. My work is a celebration of the earth's beauty, an invitation to pause and reflect on the wonders that surround us every day.

My journey into photography began as a quest to understand and document the intricate details and vast panoramas of nature. It has since evolved into a deeper exploration of the relationship between humanity and the environment. I aim to create images that evoke emotion and provoke thought, hoping to inspire a greater appreciation for our planet and a commitment to its preservation.

Each photograph is a story, a moment frozen in time, meticulously framed to share my perspective on the natural world. I am captivated by the changing seasons, the way light dances across landscapes, and the quiet majesty of untouched wilderness. My camera is my tool for expressing the awe and wonder these scenes instill in me.

In creating my work, I am mindful of the impact of my presence in these natural spaces. I strive to practice ethical photography, respecting wildlife and habitats, ensuring that my actions do not disturb the beauty I aim to capture.

My photos are an ongoing journey of discovery, a personal testament to the power and serenity of landscapes. Through my images, I invite viewers to join me in exploring the profound and often spiritual connection we share with the natural world.

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