About Jay Kerr

Personal Bio

Born in Toronto, 1968, Jay currently works in the city as an established web designer/developer. Creative arts have always played an important role in Jay’s life from writing music at an early age, to editing video, to designing websites. Jay’s photography combines his love of nature and creating art.

During a trip to Paris in 2005, Jay took rolls of film to capture his experience in the City of Light. Disappointed with the results of his photos he purchased a digital SLR and took a half day photography course at Henry’s School of Imaging. Determined to take better photos Jay read countless issues of Outdoor Photography, Practical Photography, Photography Monthly) and constantly practised the techniques he had learned. He read dozens of books including Charlie Waite Landscape, Capturing the Light, and Full Frame to learn more about composition and light. Video tutorials from The Luminous Landscape and other websites also proved to be invaluable in learning his craft.

Over the years, Jay has developed a portfolio of work that focuses primarily on the North American landscape. He is represented by various stock photography agencies and sells individual prints of his work through this website.

Jay lives in the Scarborough Bluffs neighbourhood of Toronto with his wife Lissa, and son Daniel.

Artist Statement

I love landscape photography and hope to inspire others through the images I capture. There is something spiritual in experiencing the calm before a new dawn and watching the sun rise over the land. The changing light, the drama in the sky and the weather provide endless opportunities for capturing these magical moments.

Being a photographer has changed the way I see the world and renewed my appreciation for the environment. I’m constantly scanning my surroundings and mentally framing the scene before me. Landscape photography has forced me to slow down and explore a location, to look for patterns in nature and be amazed by its detail and incredible design.

The work of photographer Charlie Waite has inspired me the most. His unique style of composition, framing and simplicity has drawn me back to his work again and again. His ability to clearly articulate his process in making his photos has been invaluable to me. David Noton is another fantastic photographer whose website, books and videos have taught me a great deal about technique.

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